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Window Air Conditioners vs. Central Air Conditioners

Which One Is Best?

Trying to find the best air conditioner that can suit your needs can be overwhelming. There are six types of air conditioners and that doesn’t even get into brands! It can be overwhelming for us sometimes too, and we’re the experts. Luckily, we’re here to help you out by narrowing it down. Today, we’ll be discussing window air conditioners and central air conditioners. They are both fantastic choices, but it’s likely that one of them fits your needs better.

What Is There to Know About Central Air Conditioners?

Central air conditioners fall into two categories: packaged central air conditioners or split-system central air conditioners. A packaged air conditioner has everything in one container. A split-system air conditioner separates the evaporator into one container while the compressor and condenser go into another.

  • A central air conditioner is designed to cool a whole house, making it more efficient than window  ACs.
  • Central air conditioners are permanent.
  • As reported by Home Advisor, central air conditioners cost between $3,754 – $7,244.
A Central Air Conditioner

What Is There to Know About Window Air Conditioners?

While there aren’t different types of window air conditioners, there are different types of windows and knowing which type of windows and the size of your windows is crucial when selecting a window air conditioner:

  • A window air conditioner is designed to cool only one room, making it far less efficient than central ACs.
  • Window air conditioners can be temporary or permanent. When removing them, however, it’s best to have a professional do the job.
  • According to Remodeling Expense, the average cost of a window air conditioner, including installation fees, is between $280.30 – $695.00.
A Window Air Conditioner


Window air conditioners cost less than central air conditioners, but are far less efficient. They only cool one room while central air conditioners can cool a whole household. Both air conditioners are great choices for different households.

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