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Air Conditioner Services

Air Conditioner Services

Looking to upgrade or repair your air conditioner system in Jefferson County or the surrounding counties? Perhaps you want to install a more efficient system in your home?

Here at Partney Heating and Cooling, we do commercial and residential air conditioner installations and repairs of all sizes in Jefferson County and surrounding counties, such as St. Louis and Ste. Genevieve County.

We offer quick and easy estimates for new and used air conditioning systems. If you are looking to install a new system, we carry all major brands and will help you choose one that best fits the needs of your home or structure. We are located in Herculaneum, Missouri.

Use the contact form here for questions or to make an appointment.

Air Conditioner Brands We Service and Install:

According to consumer reports, 75% of U.S. homes today use central air conditioning. The most common type of central air conditioner is the split system. This system features fan and coil units inside the home and a condenser unit outside of the home. There are also ductless air conditioner types that we discuss further on our Ductless Services page.

Here at Partney Heating and Cooling, we will help you weigh your options and pick the air conditioning system that’s best for you. However, no matter what type of system or brand you choose, it is important that you update and maintain your air conditioner system. Keeping your air conditioner properly maintained will extend the life of your system drastically and will also reduce your utility bills. We offer several maintenance contracts options and will help you pick one that fits your budget. Use the contact form or call us today to make an appointment for a free evaluation.

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