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Partney Heating and Cooling provides several services to Herculaneum, MO, such as repairing and installing furnaces, air conditioners, and ductwork, and cleaning ductwork. We work on both residential and commercial properties.

Our HVAC services include but are not limited to:

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ABOUT HERCULANEUM: Moses Austin, a settler from Connecticut, was the founder of Herculaneum and bought the land that would become it in 1798. He had acquired a Spanish land grant for the land after discovering a wealth of mineral deposits in the area.

The first thing he did with his new land was hire people to work on it. He hired workers to mine the area and brought equipment in from Virginia. He focused mainly on mining and smelting lead, taking advantage of the large amount of it in the land. After ten years of just mining, Moses Austin and Samuel Hammond laid out the town. The goal of the town was to serve as a shipping point for lead.

As they laid out the town, they realized they had to decide a name for it. Moses Austin was likely the one to suggest the name Herculaneum, as the limestone in the area resembled seats in an ancient amphitheater in the Roman city of Herculaneum. Mount Vesuvius had buried the city in ash when it erupted in 79 A.D., making the city entirely unhabitable. The name Herculaneum stuck for the town and remains its name to this day.

Soon after the town was laid out, settlers built a post office. It was the first post office ever built in Jefferson County and remained the only post office in Jefferson County for over twenty years. After the post office was done, three shot towers, towers designed for the production of shot balls, were built. The shot towers had a unique way of making the shot balls by dropping molten lead through copper sieves and then transferring them to a water basin. 

In 1819, the Missouri State Legislature gave Herculaneum a county seat. The county seat moved to Hillsboro in 1839, however, and Herculaneum started declining. Thankfully, Herculaneum experienced a revival in 1887, when St. Joseph Lead Company chose it as a lead smelting site. Herculaneum eventually became home to the largest smelting operation in the United States, supplying most of the nation’s lead. Smelting operations came to a close in the area as the Doe Run Company, the company that had bought the smelting operations from St. Joseph Lead Company in 1981, closed down the smelter in 2013. You can read more about Herculaneum’s history here and here, where we found all our information.   

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