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Partney Heating and Cooling offers many HVAC services, such as installing and repair ductwork, furnaces, and air conditioners to Hillsboro, MO. We also offer ductwork cleaning. We work on both residential and commercial properties. For over twenty years, we have been serving Hillsboro and the surrounding towns, and we are excited to work with both old and new customers.

Our HVAC services include but are not limited to:

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What People Are Saying in Hillsboro:

My AC went out on Friday the hottest of the summer, I call the company I regularly use they said its to late in the day and we don’t work weekends.
I call others in the area the answering machines said they would get back. We posted on face book and my wife’s friend said ” call Partney Heating and cooling”. It was 9am Saturday I called the number, Boom Henry call and said he would be there some time in the afternoon.
Around 11:30 Henry called back he was on his way.
My AC was up and running by 1230.
I recommend these guys for great service. They will be in my home Twice a year servicing my System.

Mark L. from Hillsboro

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ABOUT HILLSBORO: Hillsboro was first created as a settlement in the late 1770s. Settlers flocked to the area because it offered a variety of resources, such as timber, rich soil, and game. It also had a steady water source from Big Spring that still exists today.

While it is not known who first discovered Hillsboro and the surrounding land, the Huskey family settled in Hillsboro in 1803. The descendants of the original family still live on the same piece of property and their farm, Huskey Farm, is one of the oldest farms in Missouri. When Jefferson County was first formed on December 8, 1818, the Missouri State Legislature gave Herculaneum the first county seat. Heated debate surrounded its position over the years before Hillsboro officially became the county seat in 1839. To this day, Hillsboro remains the county of Jefferson County.

Hillsboro’s first courthouse was built in 1840 before it was replaced by a new one in 1865 on a new site of land. After several additions and remodeling, the courthouse built in 1865 remains today, and it is still in use. Hillsboro was originally going to be called Monticello, the name of Thomas Jefferson’s house, but a different village in Missouri had already used the name. The community then settled on the name Hillsboro because it was an English translation of Monticello. In 2020, Hillsboro had a population of 3,473 people. Two historic places in Hillsboro are the Thomas C. Fletcher house and Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. The Thomas C. Fletcher house was built in 1850, and the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge was built in 1872. You can learn more about Hillsboro’s history here, where we found our information.

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