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Pevely MO Service Area

Partney Heating and Cooling has been serving Pevely, MO, and surrounding towns for over twenty years. We work on both commercial and residential properties. Some services we offer are installing and repairing air conditioners, furnaces, and ductwork. Another service we offer is ductwork cleaning.

Our HVAC services include but are not limited to:

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ABOUT PEVELY: Pevely is a town in Jefferson County located next to the Mississippi River. It was first settled in 1799 and laid out by Judge Charles R. Rankin in September 1960. Pevely was incorporated in 1960.

Settlers were attracted to Pevely because of the plentiful resources it offered, such as timber and wild game. Pevely was also located right by the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway, which provided transportation for new settlers to Pevely. The first settler recorded in Pevely was Joseph Bartholomew Herrington, who married Sarah Drennen and had fourteen children. He had bought 403 acres of land in what later would become Pevely. The land was simply known as Survey 420 when it came under Joseph Bartholomew Herrington’s possession. He established the Butterfield Stagestop—an overnight stagecoach inn—on the land, where weary travelers would rest.

Other individuals that later settled in Pevely were Jack Broughton, John Herrington, and Louis Juede. Jack Broughton built the first house and hotel. John Herrington built the first saloon in Pevely, and Louis Juede was the first blacksmith. 

Pevely was first called Pevely Springs before residents changed its name. On March 4th, 1953, the people of Pevely voted to change Pevely from a village to a city. The vote passed and from then on, Pevely was a city.

Pevely used to be known for its German community and dairy farms. At one point, it was one of the greatest shipping points for butter and milk in the United States. The dairy was largely shipped to St. Louis and the towns surrounding it.  

The population of Pevely in 2020 was 6,107 people and continues to steadily grow to this day. You can find out more information about Pevely here, here, and here, where we found our information.  

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