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Rock Island Trail - Windsor Service Area
Rock Island Trail – One of the trails available in Windsor

Partney Heating and Cooling provides HVAC services such as installing and repairing furnaces, air conditioners, and ductwork in Windsor, MO. We also offer ductwork cleaning. We work on both residential and commercial properties. We have been serving small towns, just like Windsor, for over twenty years.

Our HVAC services include but are not limited to:

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ABOUT WINDSOR: Windsor went through three name changes in its history. It was originally called Belmont, then Spring Cove, and finally, Windsor. Robert Means suggested the name change, wanting to name the town after the Windsor Castle in England. The construction of Windsor was completed on September 11, 1855.

Today, the small town has a large Amish population and offers a lot to do outdoors. It is known for being the crossroads of the Rocky Island Spur and the Katy Trail. It is the only place where the two trails connect. Windsor is also home to Farrington Park, which is largely because of Ed Willoughby. He decided Windsor needed a park and lake and pursued the projects. When the Rock Island railroad was being expanded in 1903 and would run towards Windsor, it offered a new way to bring in supplies. The railroad ran past a lake east of Windsor and it only needed access to the lake for the water. That meant the lake was up for grabs.

Ed Willoughby decided to meet up with the W.E Morse, the General Superintendent of Rock Island railroad, for permission to use the lake and the property around it as a park. W.E Morse gave the citizens of Windsor permission to use both of them as long as the railroad could still have access to the lake’s water. They agreed. The park’s ownership was transferred to Windsor on July 25, 1954. To this day, Windsor’s citizens use the park for festivities and holidays, such as Windsor’s Fourth of July celebration. You can read more about Windsor’s history here, here, and here, where we found all of our information.   

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