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Partney Heating and Cooling has been serving Kirkwood for over twenty years. We offer services such as repairing furnaces and air conditioners, installing furnaces and air conditioners, ductwork cleaning, and more, on both residential and commercial properties. 

Our HVAC services include but are not limited to:

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ABOUT KIRKWOOD: Established in 1853, Kirkwood became known as the Queen of the Suburbs, as it was the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi River. The city was named after James Pugh Kirkwood, an engineer who helped build the Missouri Pacific Railroad. He was in charge of several things regarding the railroad, such as locating, surveying, and building it. Without the railroad, Kirkwood would not exist today. It provided much needed transportation to St. Louis and allowed for workers to commute to St. Louis while still living in Kirkwood. The Kirkwood Train Station was built in 1893. Today, it is a beloved historic site that is still in business and is staffed with Kirkwood volunteers.

Some early settlers of Kirkwood were Henry T. and Sarah Elizabeth Mudd. Henry T. Mudd was a member of the Town Board of Kirkwood and helped to frame the Missouri Constitution in 1875. They had seven children and lived in the Mudd’s Grove Mansion for seventeen years. After the Mudd family left the Grove Mansion, individuals such as George D. and Virginia Dana moved in and made significant changes to the house. They added a gatehouse, a three-car garage, and a wrap-around porch in the front in 1902. The Kirkwood Historical Society now occupies the house and works towards preserving Kirkwood’s historical sites. 

Kirkwood was the first town in St. Louis County to have a public library, nursing home, and four-year public high school. Kirkwood is also home to the oldest police department and school district in St. Louis County. The school district was chartered in 1865. Kirkwood has many historic preservation sites such as Downtown Kirkwood, East Monroe, and Jefferson-Argonne. In these three districts lay properties, such as the Holmes-Mitchell House, Hoch Farm, Fishback Place, Unsell-Cabell House, and Meramec Highlands Grocery Store. You can find more information about Kirkwood here and here, where we found all of our information. 

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