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Partney Heating and Cooling has been serving towns just like Kimmswick, MO, for over twenty years. Repairing and installing air conditioners, furnaces, and ductwork are some of the services we offer. We also offer ductwork cleaning. We work on both residential and commercial properties.

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ABOUT KIMMSWICK: Theodore Kimm founded Kimmswick in 1859, but before it existed, there were other inhabitants in the area. The land had drawn people and animals alike for millenniums because of its salt and mineral springs. Indian tribes and mastodons had occupied the area, living in the swampy land. Early settlers made their way to the land in the late 1700s, after they gained the land through Spanish land grants. Once the land came under the United States’s control after France had sold it to them, Kimmswick started to become a reality.

A successful St. Louis dry goods merchant, Kimm had purchased the land that would become Kimmswick in 1850. The St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad, which was completed in 1858, brought a vast amount of settlers to the area. When Kimm saw this and the opportunities that were brought along with it, he established Kimmswick.

By 1867, the small town was flourishing and had several stores. Theodore Kimm retired in 1872 and sold all the unsold lots in Kimmswick, along with his house. Before selling the lots, however, he established half of a block of the town for the public marketplace and an entire block for a public park. The public park became known as Jefferson Square. Kimm reserved a section of the park for a family cemetery. Theodore Kimm died on February 5, 1886, in Switzerland. He was buried in Jefferson Square, along with his wife and son.

In 1880, a large amusement park opened near Kimmswick and attracted thousands of visitors. People would arrive in Kimmswick by showboats such as “Greater New York,” “French’s New Sensation,” and the “Water Queen” to visit the amusement park. The amusement park closed in 1918 and the last recorded instance of a showboat coming to Kimmswick was in 1933.

You can read more about Kimmswick’s history here, where we found all of our information. 

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