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Five Ways to Maintain Your Ductless System in Herculaneum, MO


Ductless systems can be a great choice for homes in Herculaneum, Missouri—especially if you are looking for a system that is easier to maintain than traditional systems. Ductless systems, also known as mini-split air systems, are significantly cheaper if you want to heat or cool only one room. Although they are easier to maintain and cheaper than traditional ductwork systems, they still require maintenance. In this blog post, we talk about five ways to maintain your ductless system and what that may look like for you. If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to leave a comment below. We would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

White Indoor Ductless Unit

1. Clean the Filter Regularly

As your ductless system filters air, it collects dust and other debris. If not cleaned regularly, your filter will collect so much dust and other debris that it will become clogged. When your furnace is clogged, dust and other debris will create a barrier that makes it difficult for air to pass through. Your ductless system will kick into overdrive to try to combat this. When your ductless system is forced to work harder, it can lead to multiple issues, such as higher energy bills, poor temperature management, your system shutting down, and more. With how crazy the weather can be in Herculaneum, we don’t recommend taking any chances.

You should clean your ductless system’s filter every two weeks or at least once a month. You should consult your owner’s manual on how to clean it, but if you don’t have the manual, we have included instructions below on how to clean most ductless system’s filters.

How to Clean Your Ductless Systems Filters

Remote Control for Ductless System
  1. Turn off the unit using your remote control. 
  2. Open the front of your ductless system’s indoor unit. You can do this by using the tabs or latches located on the sides or bottom. The way to open your indoor unit can depend on the make and model of your system, but there should always be a safe way to do so. Do not try to apply pressure to your ductless system. You should be able to remove the front gently. 
  3. After you successfully open the front of the unit, you should see your plastic air filters. Lift them slightly and carefully slide them out. 
  4. Clean your air filters. You can do this by washing them in your sink (do not drench them) or by vacuuming them if you have an attachment on your vacuum.
  5. Reinstall your air filters. If you chose to clean them by gently washing them in your sink, wait for them to dry before doing so. Slide your filters back into your ductless system.
  6. Secure everything on your ductless system’s indoor unit, such as tabs or latches. Close the front of your ductless system.
  7. Turn on your ductless system and enjoy! 

2. Clean the Indoor Unit

You should clean your indoor unit regularly to keep dust and other debris from collecting on it. You can do this by lightly spraying a small towel with water and wiping your unit or using a damp cloth. If you notice more dust is collecting on your unit than normal and haven’t changed anything, check your system’s air filter. 

3. Clean the Outdoor Unit

You may find yourself neglecting your ductless system’s outdoor unit as, in theory, it should be discreet and unlikely to cause you many problems. While that might be the case, you should clear away debris such as branches, dirt, and leaves from your unit. This is especially important during fall when the leaves seem to bombard everyone and everything in Herculaneum. You should also check your unit’s fins and outdoor coils for debris and remove any you find. Carrier suggests a great solution for cleaning your outdoor coils: use a garden hose as long as it does not have a high-pressure nozzle. For more in-depth cleaning, we recommend scheduling yearly maintenance on your system. 

Two Outdoor Ductless Units
Multiple outdoor ductless units

4. Keep Things Away From It

As a rule of thumb, you should try and keep things at least one foot away from your ductless units. Some things that you should keep away from your units are large furniture, things that can restrict their airflow—such as dense plants or blankets—electronics, and anything susceptible to moisture damage. While you can place plants around your outdoor unit to camouflage it, make sure the plants do not block the airflow. Plants like vines should not be planted near it unless you have a way to redirect them away from the unit. 

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance for your ductless system is always a good idea. There are some maintenance tasks that you may not feel comfortable doing, or you might have a warranty that could be voided if you try to do them. Carrier recommends that you have your ductless system serviced at least once a year, although twice is ideal. Some tasks that might be included in a maintenance visit might be inspecting drain hoses, looking for refrigerant leaks, checking electrical connections, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, and making sure capacitors are in working order. Here at Partney Heating and Cooling, we do a lot of these same maintenance tasks too, but we go a little further. 

Here Is What We Do:

  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check the pressure of your ductless system
  • Check all electrical connections in your system
  • Clean the filter
  • Check the Amp draw of your system
  • And more!
White Indoor Mini Split Unit


Maintaining your ductless system will help it last longer, work more efficiently, and cost you less money. That’s why in this blog post, we covered five ways to maintain it. Do you own a ductless system in Herculaneum or the surrounding areas and need it maintained? Call us, and we will give you a free estimate! Our phone number is 636-475-9384. We would be happy to serve you. 

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