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For over 20 years, Partney Heating and Cooling has been serving Crystal City. Crystal City is often known as Festus’ “Twin City” due to its close proximity to the town. The first settler in Crystal City before it was established was Charley Conners. He lived in the area in 1803. 

According to CrystalCityMo.Org, Crystal City was founded with the purpose of making glass. The sand, called silica, was perfect for making glass when discovered by mineralogist and geologist Forrest Sheppards. The sand was discovered by Plattin Creek. In 1871, Ebenezer B founded The American Plate Glass Company in what would become Crystal City. Crystal City Plate Glass Company then acquired The American Plate Glass Company in 1877 before it was then sold again to Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company in 1895. Under Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company’s ownership, Crystal City truly thrived. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company built a new factory that was powered by direct current electricity. The factory built by Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Crystal City Works Nine, became the biggest plate glass plant in the world.

Crystal City, according to CrystalCityMo.Org, was originally called “New Detroit.” The residents of Crystal City decided to change the name to establish something that represented the community as a whole and was of its own creation. In 1991, the glass factory that Crystal City was known for was shut down. Barely any of the factory remains today except for the hospital and the company headquarters. The population of Crystal City in 2013 was 4,852 people and the median age was 37.1. Here at Partney Heating and Cooling we value Crystal City’s History and look forward to serving their community with their heating and cooling needs.

Partney Heating and Cooling offers a variety of services such as ductwork cleaning, installing both furnaces and air conditioners, repairing ductwork, air conditioners, and furnaces, and more. Whether you own a business or a home, we will tackle any HVAC issue you have. Use the form below to contact us or schedule an appointment in Crystal City, Missouri. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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