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Long before Fenton existed, the area was occupied due to its proximity to the Meramec River. The Meramec River allowed for early occupants to travel from one place to another easily. The early occupants of this area were the Native American Mound Builders. These early occupants’ work is associated with the mounds at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park by Cahokia, Illinois. An even earlier civilization where Fenton now is was acknowledged by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The Department provided a plaque in Fenton City Park to represent the early civilization that existed around 2,000 or 3,000 B.C. 

Settlers arrived in the area where Fenton would be established in the 1770s. On March 23, 1818, Fenton was officially founded by William Lindsay Long. He named the town after his grandmother, Elizabeth Fenton Bennet. The original lots for the town still exist and are now referred to as “Olde Towne Fenton.” The town was incorporated in St. Louis County in 1874. 

The first post office in Fenton opened in 1833. In the same year, a ferry boat was established to help people cross the Meramec River easier. That wasn’t enough though. In 1854, a group of businessmen devised a plan to construct the first bridge across the Meramec River. A bridge would allow for easier access across the Meramec River and increase the town’s trade in the process. A toll bridge was built before it was replaced by an iron bridge in 1855. A second iron bridge was then built in 1925. The completion of the second bridge helped Fenton to expand. In 2012, the second iron bridge was replaced with a concrete bridge. You can read more about Fenton’s history here, where we got all of our information. 

For over twenty years, Partney Heating and Cooling has been serving cities just like Fenton. We offer services such as installing furnaces and air conditioners, repairing furnaces and air conditioners, and cleaning ductwork. We have a team full of HVAC experts who have spent years perfecting their crafts. To schedule an appointment in Fenton, Missouri, fill out the form below. We can’t wait to hear from you. 



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