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Francis Labarge helped to establish Imperial by receiving a Spanish Grant on it in the early 1800s. The population of the town didn’t truly grow though until two individuals, E.J White and his wife, Margaret White, decided to open a general store in Imperial. E.J’s brother helped him to build the general store and on April 15, 1904, E.J decided to open not only a general store but a saloon too. He didn’t stop there though. He also built a switch station for the local railroad, Frisco railroad, and convinced them to stop by his station. More settlers came to live in Imperial and the town truly prospered thanks to E.J White. A post office was later established in Imperial. The town continues to grow rapidly to this day.   

Imperial was originally known by a multitude of names such as Liberty, Rockport, and West Kimmswick before being called Imperial. The name Imperial came from a clock company that was established in the town during World War 1. The company was called the Imperial Clock Company and while the company remains part of Imperial’s history, it was only in business for two to three years.  Even though Imperial was founded in the 1800s, there is evidence that a Native American village was located there before the town was established. Imperial is home to the Mastodon State Historic Site which provides further evidence of this. One of the items found at the Mastodon State Historic Site are bones of spearheads which were used for hunting. There is also evidence to support that the Native American villagers used the mineral springs in Imperial for processing salt. You can read more about Imperial’s rich history here, where we found all of our information.   

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