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HVAC Certifications

Partney Heating and Cooling is always hard at work to ensure the best quality service. Our employees are constantly attending extensive HVAC training classes so they can become better at serving your HVAC needs.

Here are some certifications our technicians have as shown below:

Jason Partney, Partney Heating and Cooling’s founder, has a Mechanical Contractor’s License. He has satisfied all the requirements required for heating and cooling certifications prescribed by Jefferson County Building Code.

Partney Heating and Cooling has an HVAC Service-Installer Contractor License in St. Louis County. Our focus is on attaining heating and cooling certifications to better serve St. Louis County and surrounding areas.

Jason successfully completed YORK training on YORK’S Affinity 33″ Modulating Gas Furnaces. The gas furnaces in question are a specific series of gas furnaces YORK has created to optimize the comfort of their customers.

Jason has also completed YORK training regarding two stage gas furnaces with Johnson Controls.

Jason has a certificate awarded to him from The American Society of Sanitary Engineering.

Jason has received ductless equipment training from East Coast Metal Distributors.

More certifications will be added as Partney Heating and Cooling technicians continue to attend HVAC classes that will help grow their knowledge in the ever-changing HVAC field.

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