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Moses Austin, a settler from Connecticut, was the founder of Herculaneum and bought the land that would become it in 1798 after discovering a wealth of mineral deposits in the area. He obtained a Spanish land grant before building the town. The first thing he did with his new land was hire people to work on it. He hired workers to mine the area and bring equipment in. After ten years of mining the area, the town began to be laid out. In 1808, Moses Austin, along with Samuel Hammond, created the groundwork for the future town by Joachim Creek. The goal of the town was to serve as a shipping point for lead specifically. The town was likely named by Moses Austin. The limestone in Herculaneum resembled seats in an ancient amphitheater buried under ash in the Roman city of Herculaneum. Herculaneum was buried in ash and inhabitable after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius not only destroyed Herculaneum but another ancient Roman city called Pompeii.   

After the town was built, a post office was built. It was the first post office ever built in Jefferson County and remained the only post office in Jefferson County for over twenty years. Three shot towers, towers designed for the production of shot balls, were built after the post office was done. The shot towers had a unique way of making the shot balls. The shot balls were made by dropping molten lead through copper sieves and then being transferred to a water basin. 

In 1819, Herculaneum was given a county seat by the Missouri State Legislature. The county seat moved to Hillsboro in 1839 and Herculaneum started declining. The community did luckily have a revival though in 1887. You can read more about Herculaneum’s history here, where we found all our information.   

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