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Festus Service Area

Partney Heating and Cooling has been serving Festus for over 20 years. Festus is often known as Crystal City’s “Twin City” because it is so close to the town. Today, both Festus and Crystal City continue to flourish and are an important part of each other’s history.

According to Twin City Area History, Festus was created because Crystal City Plate Glass Company, which owned Crystal City, wouldn’t allow any private buildings to be built in Crystal City. People had to look elsewhere and thus Festus was born. It was first called Limitsville and then later Tanglefoot. As the new town grew, residents wanted the town to have a more dignified name. Legend says a local business owner by the name of Elizabeth Posch opened her Bible and declared that the first proper name she saw would be the town’s new name. The first name she came across was Festus in Acts 25:1. On February 8, 1887, the residents of Festus presented a petition to the Jefferson County Court to change the town’s name, and the court allowed it. The town then became known as Festus. The Latin word “Festus” means joy, which was fitting for the town.

Festus’s economy relied heavily on the glass factory in Crystal City employing residents, as the local businesses could not thrive if their customers could not afford to go to them. In just a few short years, Festus’s population grew to 1,000 and new businesses flourished. Today Festus continues to flourish and has become home to hundreds of new small businesses.

Festus has a flag with the colors of the American flag. It also has eight stars to represent how many council representatives the town has. Festus’s unique saying on the flag is “City of Progress” to represent how much growth the town has gone through. Partney Heating and Cooling values Festus’s history and enjoys serving the community in all their heating and cooling needs.

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