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Isaac Van Metre and his family were the first to settle into De Soto in 1803. However, Thomas Fletcher and James Rankin are credited as the founders of De Soto even though they weren’t the first to settle there. The town was named “De Soto” by Thomas Fletcher and James Rankin after Hernando De Soto who had claimed the Louisiana Territory for Spain. Using their own money, they built a railroad station for the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad. This station helped to truly establish De Soto and the town’s connections to railroads. After the railroad was established, a post office was built. The town began to flourish as settlers, such as Herman Hamel and his son, settled in. Herman Hamel and his son ran a tannery and a harness and saddle shop at the end of the town. In the 1860s, a hotel called Arlington Hotel was built. It would later go on to have guests such as Jefferson Davis, the ex-President of the Confederacy.

 In the nineteenth century, the town boundaries were changed by the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad. The town boundaries were changed to accommodate the railroad’s growth. Several buildings were built by Charles Hemme and Otto Hermann after the boundaries of the town were changed. This was thanks to Otto Hermann’s brick-making business. Some of the buildings that were constructed were the two-story depot, roundhouse, and locomotive shop. 

De Soto had a population of 6,381 people in 2017, as recorded by the United States Census Bureau. The city has also earned the nickname “Fountain City” due to the number of artesian wells it has. You can find more information about De Soto here, here, and here, where we found all of our information.   

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