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Patrick Bryne and James Byrne are both recognized as the founders of Byrnes Mill. Originating in Ireland, they first settled in St. Louis after coming to America in 1849. Before establishing Byrnes Mill, Patrick married Catherine Campbell in St. Louis. She died a year later and he married a woman named Rosa several years later after Catherine’s death. Patrick and Rosa had eleven kids together. He also served as a district assessor and was elected as an Associate Judge for the County Court. He served as a judge for two years and died seven years later after his term. Patrick left behind an estate worth more than $100,000 once he died (it would be more than 2 million today).   

Next to the Byrnes’ mill was a well-beaten path. While no one knows how this path was formed and different theories have been suggested, one of the Byrnes decided to build a road on it. That Bryne is credited with being the first one to receive bonds to build a road in Jefferson County though their first name is never mentioned. It is possible it was also the first road built using the technique “macadamize” in Jefferson County too. Macadamize consists of covering a road with macadam which is where small stones are placed together and then compacted together to form a seamless road. The technique was created by John Loudon Adam, an engineer from Scotland.    

The Byrne’s mill is now owned by Byrnes Mill city and the land around it has been turned into Byrnes Mill City Park. Guests can now visit it and see for themselves the beginnings of the city of Byrnes Mill. In the 2010 census, 2,781 people lived there. You can read more about Byrnes Mill’s history here where we found all our information.   

Partney Heating and Cooling serves Byrne Mill and other towns and cities in Jefferson County. We do a variety of work on both residential and commercial properties such as installing and repairing HVAC systems and ductwork. We also clean ductwork. Fill out the form below to contact us or schedule an appointment in Byrnes Mill, Missouri. 

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