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The town of Ballwin was founded by John Ball. John Ball moved to the St. Louis County area in 1797 or 1798. No one knows for sure when John Ball moved to St. Louis County though as the first official record of John Ball in the St. Louis County area was in 1800. This was around the time when 400 acres of land in St. Louis County came under his ownership. It wasn’t easy sailing for John after he owned the land, however. John took over the land before the Louisiana Purchase was made. After the Louisiana Purchase was made, John had to spend ten years trying to prove that he owned his land. Luckily though, he was able to prove that he owned the land. 

In 1826, Manchester Road, also called Jefferson Road and Market Road, was laid out next to John’s property. Manchester Road delivered mail from St. Louis to Jefferson City, the new capital of Missouri. John decided to take advantage of the road near his property and began building Ballwin. John Ball originally named the town Ballshow but changed it on February 9, 1837, to Ballwin. The town was only called Ballshow for two days. While it is not known exactly why John Ball decided to change the name of the town, one of his great-grandsons claims it is because of a rivalry with a neighboring town. 

John Ball died on August 31, 1859. Ballwin officially became a small village on December 29, 1950. It was home to 750 people. Ballwin is now a city with 32,000 people and continues to thrive. Ballwin is now the leading city in the West County area. You can find out more about Ballwin’s information here, where we found all our information.  

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